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This year's Saltaire Festival...

Saltaire always has a lovely warm vintage welcome, I think its a combination of the architecture and  little vintage shops, together with a bunch of friendly people! Last weekend the streets of Saltaire were lined with lots of small market stalls selling tasty breads, olives and homemade gifts, to celebrate this years Saltaire Festival! On the other side of the canal, the large park hosted a stage for local bands to play throughout the day and numerous beer tents offered a taste of locally brewed ale, providing such a great family friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere. The festival actually runs for a full week, this year from the 14th until the 22nd September, giving you plenty of time to visit!

The streets full of foodie stalls!

At night...
Tasty breads!

You can find more out about the festival and stay updated about next years here.

My favourite parts of the festival were discovering some brilliant quirky food suppliers, revisiting the Salts Mill, (a must if you are visiting Saltaire!), munching homemade bread and olives and listening to folk music from the bandstand! Here are my faves...

The Salts Mill

Titus Salt brought his vision, inspired by the Italian Renaissance to life by creating the Salts Mill and the surrounding village of Saltaire. The Salts Mill opened in 1853 and soon became the biggest working factory in the world. After the textile industry unfortunately declined, Jonathon Silver bought the almost derelict mill in 1987 and led the transformation of the mill into a vibrant, inspirational centre for arts and crafts that it is today.

You can potter around the quirky shops full of the area's homegrown talent, enjoy some lunch at one of the restaurants or rent a flat and live in this vibrant area!

Streatza - Woodfired Pizzeria

This is such a brilliant concept. I'm a foodie at heart and hate the usual processed food burger vans and  that are often associated with festivals and outdoor events. Streatza, the woodfired pizzeria serves a selection of freshly cooked, delicious wood fired pizzas from a retro style kitchen on wheels! The thought behind this concept is brilliant, handwritten chalk boards, vibrant advertisements and a cool van serving a brilliant pizza. Perfect for outdoor country weddings, parties or village fetes! Follow Streatza on Facebook or Twitter!
Streatza Woodfired Pizzeria

The Greedy Bassets Kitchen (nice site too!)

Another lovely foodie concept - Yorkshires own innovative catering company which was creating a buzz around its fab fish and chips at the festival. The whole fishing theme looked fantastic and when I've come to visit the site and read the blog, there is such a lovely story to this business and its so well thought out. The design of the site fits well with how they display their kitchen at events, creating a nice brand. This is an absolutely fantastic idea for summer tipi, yurt or marquee weddings and other outdoor events, I love the fact they are Yorkshire based too! For news and updates follow on Facebook and Twitter!

One of the menu's from The Greedy Bassets Kitchen

Everybody needs to visit the festival next year! I'm on the look out for other outdoor foodie concepts, can anyone recommend any? :)

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